Book Review Policy

Review Policy 

I am currently open to receiving ARCs and review copies of books. I do NOT accept or review poetry/prose books or erotica/romance. 

Genres I prefer:

Historical Fiction
Gothic Fiction
High Fantasy

I am currently only accepting physical copies of books. 

I review books here on my blog, goodreads, and twitter. I also share my reviews with instagram. 

Please email me at for any review queries.

My Rating System in a Nutshell:

5/5 - This book is PERFECTION. I love it immensely. I will buy this book (multiple editions and multiple rereads) and recommend this book to the entire world and cherish it forever and ever and the obsession will never end!

4/5 - This book is amazing! I like it a great amount and will most likely own/re-read.

3/5 - This is a good, solid book. There's a slight chance I will own/re-read it, but more than likely I won't revisit this story. This is the bare minimum a book should be.

2/5 - This is a book that is NOT for me. I didn't enjoy it, but there may have been one or two redeeming qualities.

1/5 - This book is hardly a book and/or I didn't like it at all. 

(There will be, from time to time half star ratings and sometimes I won't rate a book at all. Not every book is for me!)

Bad character development, sloppy/cliché writing, and overused tropes will be reviewed critically.

*These are not actual reviews, but an easy way to let you know my system.


A few of my favourite books:

Anne of Green Gables
Wuthering Heights
Sky in the Deep
Jane Eyre
Grimm's Faerie Tales

I adore: Russian culture/literature, faerie tales, magic, nature, gothic tales, Victorian era, 1920's, fierce/ferocious leads, Celtic settings/stories, and tragedies.