I am many things, but for as long as I can remember I've been a word-seeker. 

Hello and good morrow! (I just really like how fancy that looks/sounds!) I'm Adrienne and this is my little bit of space dedicated to bookish things to soothe my literature obsessed self. From a very young age I've been devouring books at a rate that most scoff at in disbelief. (Seriously, just ask my husband. He didn't know someone could read so quickly.) I obsess over classic literature, cautiously enjoy modern works, and covet all of the pretty covers in the book world. Words have been my favourite pastime, present time, and I assume shall remain my favourite in the future.

In late 2017 I stumbled upon 'bookstagram' and became wildly obsessed and threw myself into a world I'd been searching for my entire life. (I've said this multiple times and will NEVER tire of saying it again: Bookstagram people are the BEST people and it is hands down the most wonderful community I've ever known.) I soon realized I needed a bit more space to share my love of words and the plethora of bookish things I've fallen in love with and here we are!

While words are a perfect love of mine, I also enjoy creating images and have been a professional photographer since 2010 so with bookstagram and this blog I am blessed to be able to combine two great loves of mine!

A few more things you should know about me:

Lemon + Maple are the best flavours
I am a Creator, whether it's writing, sewing, or simply making something with my hands
Boots are the best shoes
I have one perfectly complicated daughter who may or may not be exactly like me
My heart belongs to Autumn + it will always be my favourite
Celtic/Gaelic > anything else
I will never ever stop drinking tea (herbal teas only please!)
Hopelessly flawed is my favourite way to describe myself
I am drawn towards morose/gothic themes + enjoy tragedies the most (but I'm actually quite hilarious in real life)
I REALLY enjoy puns, so send me your best ones (seriously)


I am so glad you are here. 

(Anything you see on this blog is strictly © Adrienne McNellis 2017-2018, unless otherwise specified.)