The GlassTown Game by Cathrynne Valente

August 13, 2018

If you're new here, here's a quick update: I am obsessed with Wuthering Heights and the Brontë family so when I learned Cathrynne Valente, arguably the best writer I've read had written a book based on their childhood, the book flew into my mailbox as quickly as Book Depository could deliver.

Despite a slow start, this tome holds pure whimsical faerie tale magic, complete with wooden soldiers, a giant chicken made of teacups and pots, lemon tickets, and a swooning Jane Austen. Valente seamlessly weaves the grim real life of Haworth with the gloriously droll and fantastical world of Glass Town, a world created by the siblings in their childhood. I love how the book feels like a culmination of four minds creating one world. It's chaotic and bizarre but magical nonetheless in a way only Valente can deliver.

Although this book centers on the talented Brontë family, the cameos are delightful and plentiful. Not only do you spend time with Jane Austen and a furry Lord Byron, you also come in close contact with Napoleon Bonaparte (lovingly nicknamed Boney), Marie Antoinette, Queen Victoria made of lace and pearls, Cathy Earnshaw in ghost form, and much, much more! Not to mention, the plethora of nods to the entirety of the Brontë chronicles that pop up throughout the novel. 

I highly recommend this book to Brontë lovers, those who adore whimsical reads complete with adorable illustrations, and anyone who dreamed up their own worlds as a child. 

my rating: 4/5 stars

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