Rule by Ellen Goodlett

June 22, 2018

Rule is told through the eyes of three girls with their own terrible secret: Zofi-a Traveler, Akeylah-an Easterner, and Florencia-a maid in Kolonya. They are taken before the King who reveals not only that they are sisters, but they are his children and he has summoned them to find an heir. King Andros is dying and his only son was murdered so the trio must learn how to rule Kolonya. But, someone knows their darkest secret and threatens to expose them unless they leave and will stop at nothing to keep them from the throne.

Goodlett's world building is so interesting, focusing around Kolonya, the capital, blood magic (tithing), and war. I'm always interested in new worlds and this one was no different, I just wish it was introduced a little slower. In the beginning it felt a bit swamped with new info, wars between 'Reaches', and lots of character names to keep up with. BUT, I'm super impressed with the final world she has created! The writing is fast and easily digested as long as you can keep a running diagram in your head.

Out of all the characters, I'd have to say Zofi is my favourite. She's tough, independent, fierce, and has a beautiful view of what family should be. I have to say I'm impressed with Vidal as well, who is also linked with Zofi's POV.

At times it seemed a bit sluggish, but the ending was explosive and left me gasping for air! I am a huge fan of twists, cliffhangers, and other messy endings and Goodlett DELIVERS. If you read this for one reason, let it be for the ending.

Thank you to The Novl for sending Rule and it's GORGEOUS cover my way! So happy to be working with them again!

my rating: a solid 3/5 with a special mention to the A+ ending

Rule is out September 2018 / add it to your TBR / or pre-order it here

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