The White Witch by J.J. Morrison

May 02, 2018

Merlin? Forests? Bloody wars? All three are staples in my alleyway of book interests. 

When Jenny asked if I'd like to read her book it was such an easy 'yes'! Morrison is undoubtedly a good, solid writer and the premise of this book is SO fascinating. 

One thousand years after Merlin's death, Avalon stands divided by an enchanted forest. But the magic is weakening. When the last spell breaks, Merlin's descendants will be faced with an old enemy. War is inevitable, and it will awaken something far greater than anyone could imagine. The age of rulers and kingdoms is almost at an end. The White Witch is coming...
(synopsis from Goodreads)

Are you excited yet?

Two families deeply rooted in a blood feud, each the despised rival to the other, are set to battle 1000 years after the death of Merlin. Separated by a dark forest, one family lives in the light with magic and power and the other is banished to the forest, living in shambles. But, their lives are suddenly intertwined in the most basic but important way.

What about now?

The White Witch is completely overflowing with storylines and characters and each of them are tangled up with the other and revolving around Merlin. While I enjoyed the writing, the gorgeous world, and the extensively creative set up, I wanted some areas fleshed out further. The book seemed to be constantly rushing towards a destination and for me, it moved too quickly. However there is already SO much in the novel that the result would have been a 600+ page book. And I know what you're thinking, that's too much, but honestly, it sounds perfect to me! 

Morrison sets the tone amazingly and I love that she is stretching her wings out with this story. She has truly captured this setting so well with her writing, I just wish there was more bulk given to the characters/backstory. The White Witch is the first in the trilogy so I have high hopes the second one will give me more of the wonderful voice of J. J. Morrison and this amazing world she has created.

my rating: 3/5

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