Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart

May 18, 2018

Let's talk about one of the best books I've read this year so far. 

Grace and Fury is the story of a world where women are not allowed to read, make their own choices, or be anything but a factory worker, wife, or a Grace to the Superior. Nomi and Serina, two strong women who are born and thrown into numerous hardships live in Viridia and are as different as sisters can be. Serina, the beautiful one, has been pampered her entire life as her parents raise her to be a Grace, the epitome of a submissive female. Nomi rails against the cage walls and forces her twin brother to teach her to read despite the danger. Neither can understand the other but cling to one another when Serina is chosen as a potential Grace for the Heir and sets off with Nomi as her handmaiden. If Serina is chosen, her family will be taken care of, Renzo will be able to afford a good wife, her parents will never know hunger, and Nomi will be by her side. But, if Serina becomes a Grace, Nomi will never see her twin again and will be forced to live life without a choice. 

Are you hanging on the edge of your seat yet?

While Serina submits to her duty to save her family and herself, Nomi can't help but fight the confines of her world. And then, with another choice they have no say in, their lives are switched. Nomi must learn to be gentle and obedient while Serina is banished and must become a fighter and a killer if she wants to live.

Grace and Fury is for ALL. Anyone who has a brain should be reading this novel that celebrates the power of females and also sisterhood. In spite of the situations they are born into, the ones they are thrown into, both sisters constantly fight the bitterness and do whatever they can to save each other despite the separation and dangers. I LOVE stories about sisters, (having 8 sisters, I can relate.)

The writing is addictive and easy on the brain waves while the pacing and storylines are smooth and clever. This novel has everything: intrigue, romance, traitors, assassination plots, charming royalty, revolting oppression, strong women from all walks of life and how they can adapt and survive, etc.
This novel is extremely empowering and riveting. I cannot wait for the sequels (in fact Tracy, I’ll need you to forward those immediately. Please and thank you.)

I highly recommend Grace and Fury! Easiest 4/5 stars ever! 

Thank you to The Novl for the ARC to review! (Which didn't affect my thoughts/review at all.)

Grace and Fury will be published July 2018 but is available for preorder now!

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