To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

March 05, 2018

Thanks to the e-ARC from netgalley, I was able to read this adventure before it debuts TOMORROW!

To Kill a Kingdom revolves around Lira, a siren princess who will soon become Queen of the sea, but not before she collects more princes' hearts to store under her floor. Revered in the waters and reviled on land and known as the Prince's Bane throughout both, Lira makes a deadly mistake and is transformed into a human - the thing they hate the most - by none other than her mother, the Sea Queen. Now, she must deliver the heart of Prince Elian, a royal who would much rather be the Captain of The Saad and kill sirens, or remain in her loathsome human cage forevermore. 

Full of intrigue, pirates (with some stereotypical pirate lingo), deadly sirens, unsightly mermaids, and plenty of royalty in disguise, this novel takes you on a feral romp through the sea and up glacial mountains. Ripe with magical world building, Christo brilliantly weaves fantasy and murder.

Let's take a moment and appreciate the stunning cover. 

Okay, now that we've drooled a bit, I was so excited to read this novel because I had read it was a 're-imagining of The Little Mermaid...with a twist' and that automatically struck a chord with me. Why, you ask? Because this lady here, slept with the VHS of The Little Mermaid and watched it non-stop as a baby.
Mermaids/sirens have always fascinated me and I really enjoyed Christo's versions of each. I am naturally drawn to darker, more gothic stories/characters so I was definitely pleased!

All in all, this was a quick and pleasurable read for me. If you like the original faerie tales you should definitely enjoy To Kill a Kingdom!

my rating: 3.5

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