Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights by Leonard Durso

March 02, 2018

First and foremost: thank you to Smith Publicity for sending me Istanbul Days, Istanbul Nights for review! This is a contemporary set in a school in Istanbul where the faculty have decided to put on a modernized production of Romeo and Juliet. The book focuses on most of the staff and their subsequent love lives as they take on this heavy task.

 I found the writing to be a bit dry/lackluster, with hints of humor now and then. I’m inclined to think contemporary just isn’t for me and I know modern romance is definitely not my cup of tea. But, with that being said, at the beginning you are introduced to every character all at once and you never really know them. Each paragraph is about a different character and while I don’t mind having loads of characters, I needed a lengthier introduction to be able to commit each to my mind/memory.
Perhaps if you’re a fan of contemporary romance or Turkey, you’d enjoy this novel.
My rating: 2/5


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