Twisted Threads by Kaylin McFarren

January 16, 2018

Let me preface this with: I loathe romance/erotica. My idea of a good romance novel is Pride and Prejudice or the Anne of Green Gables series. If it’s anything more than that, I’m not interested.

Lori at Get Red Pr sent me Twisted Threads for review, so thank you! I quickly skimmed the synopsis and decided to get out of my reading comfort zone (even though it’s well tested and been perfected with over 20 years of reading). Let’s just say, I should have stayed in my comfy area.

I honestly don’t know if I can give an unbiased review, but let’s see:

A geisha turned assassin is sent on a cruise ship to find the person who murdered the sister of her Yakuza boss. She uses the stereotypical hunky man, Devon to get close to the target + a plethora of random descriptive anatomy lessons are given. (Oh gosh. So many.) After 29 chapters of this, the writing actually begins to slightly grip me as Akira actually does something. (You know, assassin things. Not anatomy things.)

The relationships are rushed + I would have liked them to be fleshed out a little more (not actually more scenes with flesh, please.) It was definitely guilty of the instant love trope which is not my cup of tea. (It wasn’t even tea. It was a cup of grits. And not the delicious cheese grits either.)

If I’m rating the book honestly, I’m gonna have to go with 1 star. (It’d be 2/5 if the whole book was written like chapters 30 - 42 + if all the anatomy lessons were omitted.) BUT, if you like this genre or the REALLY cheesy Hallmark movies combined with lots and lots of descriptive/explicit anatomy lessons (that I 100% skipped/skimmed as fast as I could) then you’d probably rate this a solid 3/5. Maybe.

My rating 1/5

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